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Coco Moon by Beach Geeza

**Limited time cobalt blue bottles (for the 15ml size only).**

Notes:  Italian Bergamot, Fresh Pineapple, Coconut, Tuberose, Jasmine, Benzoin, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Oak Moss and Vanilla

Coco Moon from Beach Geeza:

“A luscious beach vacation fragrance opening with fresh pineapple and coconut smelling like you’re wearing the finest European sun cream while sipping a piña colada. Then light notes of tuberose and jasmine add an exotic sensuousness with hints of sandalwood and vanilla wafting gently in the salty air complimented by a touch of soothing Atlas Cedarwood. It lasts all day on your skin and is guaranteed to get you compliments!

All Beach Geeza fragrances are hand crafted and bottled using the best natural ingredients along with some safe synthetics. We do not use any dyes, paraben's or preservatives of any kind and we never will because your body is a temple and we only want the best for our customers skin."

About Beach Geeza and more from the creator:

"The Beach Geeza Intention:
Exotic travel and vacations create a certain way of being inside a person that is extraordinary. And one of the great pleasures in life is looking back on this way of being with a beautiful sense of nostalgia and longing for that time. My intention in creating these fragrances is to give people access to that extraordinary way of being again, even if just for a moment and to remind them that it's always there inside of them forever... from the opening notes to the dry down, when you wear a Beach Geeza fragrance one can occur to themselves and to others as being extraordinary.
Ryan Hunts - Perfumer & Founder

The Beach Geeza Way:
The trip of a lifetime to a far off place will introduce you to many kinds of exotic and alluring aromas that tickle the senses and plant themselves deep into your memory. And some of these aromas can even create a certain way of being... a Beach Geeza way of being! A mindset that makes you present to the beauty of life in that moment. When you wear a Beach Geeza fragrance you get access to this way of being no matter where you are because Beach Geeza brings exotic and alluring aromas home to you.

Perfumer Ryan Hunts:
Ryan Hunts is a professional Director & Cinematographer who was deeply influenced by the smells of the world on his exotic travel shoots. From the spice markets in Jaipur India to the jungle temples in Bali Indonesia, Ryan became fascinated with capturing the depth of those olfactory experiences through perfumery and giving the wearer something extraordinary. Being a self-taught perfumer and highly experimental Ryan threw himself into the art of scent creation working his way through hundreds of formulations, spending two years of constant learning and creating which finally lead him to produce some of the most unique and fresh smelling fragrances in artisanal niche perfumery. Every detail, from hand crafting the fragrances to designing the packaging and creating brand content, Ryan oversees all aspects of his niche perfume house and ensures the quality of his fragrances by keeping it independently owned and operated. He lives and works in Austin Texas."

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