$42.00 USD

Layering Duo ~ Vanille Abricot and Vanille Extreme ~ by Comptoir Sud Pacifique Fragrance for Women

  • Two Eau de Toilette Sprays ~ 10ml Each
  • Travel or Purse Size
  • Made in France

2x10ml Travel Sprays of the best-selling fragrances now paired for the flexibility to be worn separately or layered together -- the ultimate tropical fragrance experience.


Vanille Abricot

#1 best seller since it was introduced in 1992. Hugely popular for women of all ages. Adored by men everywhere. #1 celeb favorite. 

The delicious scent of jackfruit, apricot and papaya pulp sprinkled with vanilla and sugar candy.

Head Notes: Jackfruit and Abricot

Heart Notes: Papaya

Base Notes: Sugar Candy and Vanilla Pod

Vanille Extreme

More intense than Vanille Passion, this Vanille scent is sweet, warm, and spicy.

Head Notes: Vanilla Pod

Heart Notes: Vanilla Pod

Base Notes: Vanilla Pod