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Pauline by Rance Fragrance for Women

Top Notes:  Ylang Ylang, Cotton Flower and Orange of Sicily

Middle Notes:  White Rose of Grasse, Wild Violet and Indian Patchouli

Base Notes: Lebanese Cedarwood, Siam Benzoin and Tonka Bean

A Description from Rance:

"PAULINE was Napoleon's favourite sister, the most charming and lively. Her beauty and her desire to be the best made her the star of Parisian society; she was the centre of attention of all the gens bien, who imitated her manner and style, and her vitality was equalled by her incomparable grace, by which everyone was won. The greatest artists of the time were completely enthralled by her. She was the subject of numerous portraits, and also of the famous statue by Canova, the greatest sculptor of the century.

This "queen of the salons" also won the admiration of Francois Rancé, who dedicated this fragrance to her in 1807. His aim was to express her freshness, joyful spirit, love for life and charm, as well as her sensuality and the pleasure she took in being admired and desired.

A sophisticated emotion, an airy breeze, a vision of beauty - luxurious Ylang Ylang and soft Cotton Flower create a vision of innocence; together with the Wild Violets and White Rose they are a charming and winning caress. Patchouli and Cedarwood, with Benzoin and Tonka Bean, complete this unique jus with a touch of sensuality.

Head notes: Ylang Ylang, Cotton Flower, Orange of Sicily

Heart notes: White Rose of Grasse, Wild Violet, Indian Patchouli

Base notes:  Lebanese Cedarwood, Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean

Olfactory Description: Ethereal, Light, Enveloping: White Flowers, Wild Violet, Benzoin, Tonka Bean

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