$210.00 USD

Vivamor by Navitus Parfums

  • Parfum
  • Made in United Arab Emirates

Top Notes: Lemon, Pineapple, Rosewood and Pink Peppercorn

Heart Notes: Patchouli, Oakmoss, Rose and Saffron

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Dark Amberwoods, Leather and Musk

Master Perfumer - Jorge Lee

From Navitus Parfums:

"From the Latin words of Viva meaning Life and Amor meaning Love, Vivamor is a celebration of life and love. Vivamor Parfum is the perfect expression to keep you confident and alluring. Invigorating freshness is introduced through pink peppercorn, lemon, rosewood and pineapple adding brightness which is then joined by a sensual rose, saffron, patchouli and oakmoss heart. Sandalwood, Leather, Dark Amberwoods and Musk thereafter bring out allure and complexity to the fragrance lasting for many hours and taking the wearer on a blissful journey."