CHF 222.00

Up the Apples & Pears by 4160 Tuesdays

  • Eau de Parfum

Top Notes:  Hops, Pear, Apple and Mother's Ruin (Gin)

Heart Notes:  Roll Ups, Whisky, Beer and Wooden Floors

Base Notes:  Brown Bread, Patchouli and Leather

From 4160 Tuesdays

“An unusual fragrance that evokes our idea of the scent of a London pub in 1933; apple pie, pear syllabub, gin, beer, roll-ups, wooden floor and bread rolls.

Up the Apples & Pears also has its own mystery story, set in 1933, which you can download from our Facebook group 4160Tuesdays News.

The YouTube vlog Maximilian Knows named this the most daring scent. Number one in Max's top ten daring scents. It has a very small number of superfans, so we'll keep on making it."

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