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Live N Loud by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Ozonic - Green
  • Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
  • Concentration: 22%

Top Notes:  Bergamot and Cardamom

Heart Notes:  Cinnamon, Geranium and Rose

Bottom Notes:  Natural Oud (Aoud), Myrrh, Amber, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cistus Absolute (Labdanum) and Musk

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“It is pure power: a whirl of notes which blend together giving life to an unstoppable wave. It is a rapid rhythm you can’t resist; an uncontrollable vibration that shakes body and soul; volume pumping up to the point of saturation. It is energy running through our veins, adrenaline.

Music and perfume both have the power to touch and move our spirit; through strength and intensity, they are able to inject us with energy and to make us feel more alive than ever. Live ‘n’ Loud is a scented playlist that boosts the mind. At first, the fragrance plays on Hip Hop and Disco rhythms which are vibrated by energetic and spicy notes of bergamot and cardamom. An accord of geranium and rose evokes the sensuality of Latino Music. Cinnamon, with its spicy facets exuding Rocksound, pumps up the volume. The drydown is an explosion of grit: natural oud, as powerful as screaming Heavy Metal, breaks on a strong and transgressive Punkbackbeat of myrrh, patchouli and cistus. Sandalwood and musk envelopes master perfumer Dominique Ropion’s composition in a whirl of powerful energy.

Music and perfume share an amazing power: they are able to stimulate mind and body, creating energy, adrenaline and pure euphoria.

Music is able to turn an ordinary day into something magical; it can soothe or comfort; excite or enervate. Our response to music begins in our genetic code and develops through experiences, affecting mind, emotions and body. From the dawn of civilisation the Art of the Muses has stimulated the body, bringing forth positive moods and releasing dopamine in our brain – much like food, sex and drugs.

During a live concert the instruments’ vibrations flow through dancing bodies, heartbeats accelerating, giving life to an inner fire which creates thrill and euphoria. The energy is palpable and unstoppable.

How could we run or train without the excitement of an energy-boosting playlist? Music stimulates us to get active, to keep pace and drives us to not to give up, creating an entirely new energy.

In the silence, a switch flicks on and a whirl of sounds, rhythms and vibrations flood a shared space, passing through everything and everybody; nothing can escape the overwhelming power of music.

Everything comes from Music. Everything turns into Music. Music is the Energy of Life.

Live ‘N’ Loud is the energy that springs from musical vibrations, beats and rhythm; the energy flow and euphoria of a live concert becomes scent.

Live ‘N’ Loud is full volume – just like music that turns a blue day into something great, bringing us vitality, excitement and intensity.

Live ‘n’ Loud ‘s color is the timeless symbol of light and energy and represents the irradiating power that both music and perfume share.

Intense oriental accords evoke Live ‘N’ Loud ‘s olfactory power. Natural Oud is the mighty voice which gives strength to the composition. Amber and myrrh give life to a whirl of light and energy which envelopes the composition whilst revealing its most instinctive and sensual side. Citrus and musk make the fragrance vibrate, evoking warmth and increasing the volume. A perfume as energetic as Rock, as deep and strong as the sound of Heavy Metal and as revolutionary as Punk.

"I’m addicted to music and I can’t live without it! Just play and relax your mind."  V-Monkeys, Forever & Ever”