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Oud Luxuria by Navitus Parfums

  • Parfum
  • Made in United Arab Emirates

Top Notes: Turkish Rose, Orange, Pink Berries, Leather, Cinnamon and Saffron

Heart Notes: Rose, Jasmine, Osmanthus and Geranium

Base Notes: Natural Oud, Incense & Labdanum, Amber and Musk

From Navitus Parfums:

"“Luceat Lux Vestra”
Luceat lux vestra. Extravagant displays of wealth and opulence mark the aroma of this exquisite perfume. There is no denying the grandeur and expensiveness of rose, and Oud Luxuria spotlights two varieties of the natural ingredient. A lush opening of Turkish rose, pink berries, and saffron carry the lavishness of the blend while jasmine, osmanthus, and geranium intensify the luxurious nature of the scent with their rich and inviting appeal. A base of musk, incense, labdanum, and natural oud proffer their tribute to the practices of perfumery from times past. With a name borrowed from the word “luxury,” which originally meant “lust,” there is no denying the sensuality and carnality of this lush and captivating perfume. This illuminating fragrance will grant you brilliance and splendor. Let your light shine!

Created by master perfumer Christian Carbonnel with creative direction from Mr. Steven Gavrielatos (Redolessence)."