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Sentosa ~ The Night Escape by Simone Andreoli

  • Eau de Parfum Intense
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance:  Oriental

Notes:  Pink Pepper, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Ginger, Vanilla, Patchouli, Ambergris and Labdanum

Collection:  Poetry of Night

From Simone Andreoli:


Stopover to Singapore, a place between tradition and futurism.

An erotic and seductive fragrance which has the taste of two lovers in a night of passion.


The gaze of dusk and the charm of one night, reminding of two lovers’ taste, hidden by hot reflexes of love and by irreverent provocations.

An abstract conscience, enthralled by essences and odours of a beauty that leads me to loose reason, step by step, up to the door of my suite.

Since that night, still persists over my skin a perfume I live and I listen to; it speaks of seduction, while, from my room’s glass I am admiring nocturnal Singapore.

It began in the looks of those crimson faded lights which were looking for my eyes, like they were calling my name with a slow and warm whisper.

Then my sight became smell, twisting my perception of apparent consciousness drowned underneath an erotic scent of amber.

I left my awareness in the hall in order to follow that charming scent that, step by step, dragged my being before her suite to meet her lips in a kiss.

I remember an untidy bed and lighted candles that burned our intimate night of passion and pleasure. I stand by myself to commemorate our fleeting moment that endures inside thy perfume over these sheets, on my skin, deep inside me. I stay at your disposal for any other needs and I look forward to receive your gorgeous updating.”