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Serenade by Navitus Parfums

  • Parfum
  • Made in United Arab Emirates

Top Notes: Orange Blossom, Cognac and Dark Chocolate 

Heart Notes: Honey Accord, Egyptian Beeswax Absolute and New Caledonian Sandalwood 

Base Notes: Java Vetiver, Venezuelan Tonka Bean, Musk, Indonesian Patchouli and Virginian Cedar Wood

From Navitus Parfums:

"Serenade Parfum is an alluring, inviting and seductive fragrance. Causing the wearer to turn heads from all those enjoying the fragrance around them.

Serenade is a piece of music sung or played in the open air, typically by a man at night under the window of his lover. And this fragrance has that same seducing affect of an evening serenade. It’s like the perfect note, sung to the perfect melody. It’s smooth, compelling and draws your loved one in….they’ll want to be closer. Serenade Parfum opens with orange blossom, dark chocolate and cognac. Followed by a heart with a honey accord, Neo-Caledonian sandalwood, Egyptian beeswax absolute, Java vetiver, and Venezuelan tonka bean. Virginian cedar wood, Indonesian patchouli and musk compile this complex base that’s intriguing, while lasting well into the night.

Created by Master Perfumer Jorge Lee with creative direction from Darian from Bowtie Fragrance Guy."