$12.00 USD

Smoke of God (AKA Smoke of Desert) by Simone Andreoli

  • Eau de Parfum Intense
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance:  Balsamic / Incense

Notes:  Oman Incense, Elemi Resin, Styrax, Amyris, Absinthe, Cashmere Wood and Leather

Collection:  Poetry of Night

From Simone Andreoli:


Night time journey in the Oman desert, chosen land for the production of the most prestigious incense in the world.

An extraordinary resin down from the ancient times to communicate and to pay tribute to gods.

Smoke of Desert is the celebration of the most exclusive and pure incense enriched by absinth and cashmere notes.


The breath of desert caresses the ground, divides the sand and blows without making noise.

Its heart slowly beats, its dull and monolithic voice seems the only sound in the surroundings.

I sought with my eyes a point of orientation between the dunes, walking towards East and after every step into the unknown I lost every fear, every weight.

They stay behind, tracks dissolve on sand like past thoughts; they have nothing to do with present anymore.

God left a fragment of Himself in the heart of Dhofar, gold of the desert, so that humans could burn it to communicate with Him.

If the Gods smoked in their dark nights to pamper their spirit, they would smoke incense.

I lost every touch with reality to enter the middle of nowhere and abandon myself to the desert law.

An unwritten rule, an unexpressed code that imposes a vision; looking inward.

Nothing exists here, nothing happens.

Sunsets reflected in my iris talk, but they wait for the darkness to reveal their meaning.

The night is poetry of the dark, guardian of drifted thoughts and words with God.”