CHF 177.00

14Hour Dream by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Oriental
  • Perfumer: Antoine Lie
  • Concentration: 20%

Top Notes:  "Uncommonly without top notes - thanks to Antoine Lie’s mastery - this fragrance is a powerful harmony that goes straight to the “heart”."

Heart Notes:  Patchouli Leaves, Iris Butter, Black Pepper Absolute, Saffron, Vanilla Flowers and Ginger

Bottom Notes:  Cedar Wood, Sandalwood and Guaiac Wood

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“Mind-blowing psychedelic lights, the intriguing scent of patchouli fills the air, the warmth of bodies dancing in ecstasy creates an endless whirl. Pink Floyd notes awaken the senses during a festival that became a legend.

Like a magic elixir, ‘14 Hour Dream’ is composed of warm oriental notes that lead to a psychedelic dimension, giving life to an endless multi-sensorial journey. Vision and audio experiences melt together, blurred by the intense scent of patchouli– taking the memory back, to journeys to India - and twisted by Pink Floyd's Hypnotic notes. The sensuality of vanilla envelopes everything and everyone, evoking visions of an ecstatic crowd dancing in harmony. An olfactory tribute from master perfumer Antoine Lie to one of the 70’s most legendary music festivals and to those sound virtuosities which paved way to new musical dimensions.

14 Hour Dream is a tribute to Pink Floyd's Psychedelic music and to the first legendary music festival with its dreamlike and enveloping atmosphere.

London - 1967. In the Victorian ‘Alexandra Palace’, the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream is taking place: a non-stop music, theatre, dance and poetry fundraising marathon, organized to support the underground magazine “International Times”. It’s 5am, Pink Floyd starts playing for an ecstatic crowd. The first rays of light break on the mirrors of Syd Barrett’s guitar, marking the birth of a new music era: psychedelic rock. The kaleidoscopic effect given by the lights reflected on Syd’s guitar and enhanced by the distortions of this legendary solo, create the perfect atmosphere for this multi-sensorial journey, an endless psychedelic experience where the alterations of sound frequency, together with visual effects unveil new, unknown worlds, and give start to new musical paths.

14 Hour Dream celebrates the beginning of a new music Era, through an extraordinary psychedelic experience, which has changed music history forever. 14 Hour Technicolor Dream has turned out to be the forerunner event of all the famous forthcoming music festivals.

The color identifying 14 Hour Dream is one of 70’s symbols; it recalls the intensity of the psychedelic shade and fully expresses the free spirit of an entire generation.

The perfume is an overdose of two opposite ingredients: patchouli and vanilla. Patchouli, the most widely used essential oil in the 70s, brings the memory back to that generation’s favorite trips to Goa, an Indian paradiserich in flowers, amazing perfumes as well as an intriguing place of transgression. Vanilla, with its sensual nuance, cocooning and enveloping, expresses both the feeling and the experience of the new social revolution.

"I can’t stop thinking about that mystic image: people dancing in ecstasy, enchanted by the rays of light coming from that mirrored guitar. A magic kaleidoscope enlightens the Palace."  V-Monkeys, 1967”