CHF 103.00
Darkoud by Hermetica Paris
  • Eau de Parfum

Notes: Oud (Agarwood) Essence, Saffron Molecule and Rose Absolute

From Hermetica Paris:

"Darkoud Eau de Parfum is a sheer and spicy fragrance, made luxurious and captivating thanks to the presence of oud essence. The high concentration of Source 1, balanced with rose absolute brings luminosity and freshness to this hypnotic and addictive elixir, It is even more intense thanks to the warming undertones of saffron molecule.

DARK: on one side, obscurity, intensity, depth. A potential for mystery that plays out with the saffron molecule in particular. On the other side, a dawning gleam, a flash in the dark, a path towards the light, through the strong concentration of Source and the presence of rose absolute. Darkoud asserts this duality, day and night inextricably linked.

OUD: the star ingredient of the fragrance, oud is an exotic and precious wood from Assam in India, and produces an aromatic resin with a warm and intense quality. Harvested from the heartwood of age-old trees, it holds the secrets of time and clearly orchestrates the passage between darkness and dazzling light. The skin makes no mistake, in tune with circadian rhythms, and will immediately adopt this hypnotic fragrance.

Hermetica fragrances use green chemistry and are alcohol-free, long-lasting, moisturizing and cruelty-free. Hermetica is compliant with all Clean Beauty regulations but this does not mean it's all natural. Hermetica uses a mix of synthetic and natural molecules. Clean Beauty products are free of sulfates SLS and SLES, parabens, formaldehyde, phthalates and mineral oils."