CHF 176.00

Feather Supreme by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Chypre - Floral
  • Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
  • Concentration: 20%

Top Notes:  Mandarin Orange, Bergamot and Apple

Heart Notes:  Rose, Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Tuberose

Bottom Notes:  Patchouli Heart, Labdanum and Musk

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“A proud, intense gaze, looking straight ahead. The warm notes of a piano unveil the hidden fragility of this delicate soul. Her powerful voice explodes, full of emotion, passion, bringing new meaning to each song. She has the courage of affirming her essence, to reveal her heart and soul. Aretha Franklin’s supreme voice is not simply virtuosity, it is a natural wonder.

Feather Supreme, homage to Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin’s strength and femininity, is a refined and timeless floral harmony. The energy and freshness of mandarin and bergamot evoke the unique tone of an unmistakable voice. The heart unveils the perfume’s unrestrainable intensity and strength: a powerful accord of jasmine, tuberose, rose and ylang-ylang explodes with full voice and the fragrance vibrates in an endless high note. In the dry down, softer sonorities of musk and labdanum blend with patchouli heart , adding a touch of soul to the composition. Feather Supreme, creation of master perfumer Dominique Ropion, is a deeply feminine fragrance, disruptive yet delicate, a capturing of Aretha Franklin’s unique voice.

Aretha Franklin’s powerful voice and her iconic figure: a resolute and determined woman who cannot be ignored, a beacon of respect for all women.

The 1960s:  the United States, land of endless possibilities, struggles to accept that society is changing. Women are asking for much more than a house and a dishwasher – they want respect and the ability to show themselves, without reservation, in all their nature. In this patriarchal world dominated by white men, a woman makes her sublime voice heard above everyone else. The roots of her sound derive from gospel music and her feminine and elegant figure reveals a strong voice that is able to enchant, to fascinate and to move each and every soul. Aretha Franklin becomes the expression of a new chant in the Afro-American panorama:  shaking off the melancholic vein of blues and moving beyond jazz boundaries, she gives life to a rebellious, vibrant and energetic music which is founded on exclamation and affirmation.  Her theatrical vibrato, her inimitable voice, her endless ability lead her to outstanding success. She becomes the pride of ethnic minorities everywhere thanks to her interpretation of the song Respect by Otis Redding – a hymn for feminism and the civil rights movement. Aretha Franklin was a pioneer amongst women, achieving many goals and receiving important awards; with her unique talent and her emotional charge she reigns as the queen of soul, a beacon for every revolutionary spirit.

Feather Supreme is the sensual and elegant dance of a feather floating in the air, expression of a dreamed-of freedom which is finally achieved.

Feather Supreme is the charm of a sublime voice has no limits, moving the soul deeply, revealing the majesty of its intensity.

Feather Supreme’s color conveys strong vibrations; it symbolizes empathy and the touching of emotions. Historically linked to feminism, it is an emblem of metamorphosis, freedom of thought and self-realization.

Feather Supreme, like a beautifully scented bunch of flowers, is an embodiment of love for women. Eternal notes of rose express sweetness and delicacy. White flowers reveal an intense, gentle and refined heart. The warm and musky dry down recalls an inborn sensuality and a passionate side which is no longer willing to be hidden.

"Soft as a feather floating in the blue sky, she brings supreme notes of elegance and freedom to my heart."  V-Monkeys, 1960s”