CHF 23.00

La Rose Parfum by Natalie

  • Eau de Parfum 

From Natalie:

“We are excited to announce our new Natalie “La Rose” Eau de Parfum which has been created by Natasha Gregson Wagner in collaboration with Claude Dir, Master Perfumer, at the House of Mane. The “juice” has a slight pink tint and is packaged in our bestselling roller ball for easy and affordable application. The box is a delicate pink color reminiscent of our favorite candy confection. La Rose is a dewy, pink, realistic rose fragrance. It feels as if you are pressing your nose into fresh rose petals. Rose essence is at the heart of this new scent, fresh geranium is the cooling top note. Forest Heliotrope rounds out this all natural scent. The dry down on the skin lasts for hours and smells like you just walked out of your very own flower garden. La Rose has an 18% concentration for long lasting luxuriousness.

Discover "The Story" behind this fragrance.

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