$200.00 USD

21 Conduit St by Jovoy Paris

  • Eau de parfum
  • Made in France

Head Notes:  Bergamot, Lavender, Grapefruit and Rhubarb

Heart Notes:  Almond and Fir Balsam

Base Notes:  Ambroxan, Wood and Tonka Bean

From Jovoy Paris:

"Forget everything you already knew about lavender!

Jovoy’s new fragrance, “21 Conduit St”, revisits a great classic of English perfumery while giving it a new, intriguing and decidedly modern twist.

Whether the memory conjures dried flowers from Norfolk tucked into ornate sachets, or the fragrance of a bottle of authentic British Eau de Cologne, lavender is to English perfumery what scones are to teatime.

The result of a creative tandem, 21 Conduit St gives the scent of lavender a singular brightness. The accord comes from a formula by Oli Marlow, whose fascination with this aromatic note goes back to his childhood. He dreamt of giving it greater contrast, making it more multi-facetted, upping the tangy, fruity freshness and warming it through with resinous notes.

“It’s a lavender that’s chiseled from the freshness of cold, crisp oranges, the cheekiness of cassis and the bittersweet comforting warmth of pine” Marlow explains.

In Paris, his meeting with the perfumer Marie Schnirer (Laboratoire Maelstrom) opened the door to a new world of raw materials, most notably a quality of Javanese Vetiver that enriches the ensemble with a whorl of smoky, earthy notes.

“It’s like a very original note of hashish” Marie Schnirer observes.

“But,” she adds, “above all, the secret of 21 Conduit St is the richness of its dual lavender - a very aromatic essential oil and an absolute with the coumarone notes of a plant that has spent several days drying in the sun - it radiates all the way through to the perfume’s woody base.”

It’s also a lavender cloaked in the freshness of citrus and the fruity notes of fir balsam, whose candied accents evoke a tantalisingly soft amaretto accord, balanced by a mysterious, shadowy, woody facet.

Sleek, intense, and daring, 21 Conduit St radiates English elegance tinged with a dash of impertinence that gives it all its charm.

A signature perfume that beckons you back, again and again. A gentlemanly masterpiece that men will love - and women won’t be able to get enough of.