$130.00 USD

Apple Nanas by Rirana Parfume

  • Eau de Parfum 60%-70% Concentration

Top Notes: Red Apple and Wild Berries

Middle Notes: Pineapple, Litchi and Peach

Base Notes: Vanilla and Frangipani

From Rirana:

"Apple Nanas will transport you to a world of exotic fruits and sweet indulgence. This fragrance is a perfect blend of refreshing and enticing scents that can be enjoy by men and women, featuring the juicy essence of red apples, the tangy aroma of berries, and the tropical sweetness of pineapples and litchi.

To add a touch of decadence, we've blended a warm and inviting scent of vanilla, and to top it off, the delicate and fragrant frangipani flower, making this fragrance truly unique and irresistible.

With a combination of fruity and floral notes, this fragrance is perfect for any occasion, whether you're out for a day of fun in the sun or a romantic evening out. Let this fragrance wrap you in its sweet and alluring embrace and make every moment unforgettable.

Apple Nanas is categorized as a sweet fruity tropical scent.

Rirana Parfume is committed to create a quality niche fragrance. The range of scents is made from natural oils, selected with care and blended with precision. Our ratio of mixing is 60% to 70% essential oil (fragrance) with balance of 40% to 30% is alcohol denat make it perform so great. The concentration even higher than “extrait de parfum” by industrial standard."