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Blanche Bête by Liquides Imaginaires

  • Eau de Parfum
  • French Perfume, Made in Italy

Top Notes: Ambrette Seed (Musk Mallow), Milk Accord and Mystikal

Heart Notes
: Jasmine, Tuberose, Mahonial and Incense (Frankincense)

Base Notes
: Tonka Bean, Cacao (Cocoa), Musk and Vanilla

From Liquides Imaginaires:

"Blanche Bête is the fragrance that will transport you to an enchanted garden, where a mythical creature roams. With notes of white flowers and opaline light, this fragrance embodies the purity and magic of the legendary white horse with a single horn. Blanche Bête represents the power of imagination and creativity, a symbol of love and mystery. Let yourself be enchanted by the elusive presence of Blanche Bête, and let its magic take you to a world beyond the ordinary."

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