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Blue Cypress by Goldfield & Banks
  • Parfum Concentrate

Notes: Blue Cypress Australia, Lavender Bulgaria, Patchouli Indonesia, Clove Indonesia and Star Anise India

From Goldfield and Banks:

"A sophisticated fragrance of rich woods and aromatic spices that is at once invigorating and grounding. The cobalt coloured Australian Blue Cypress provides a fragrant woody base, lifted by a fusion of lively lavender and exotic patchouli, clove and star anise.

A fragrance for men and women, inspired by the scent of dew evaporating from soft new leaves as the morning sun casts its rays across a rainbow of towering gums and eucalyptus.

Concentration: Perfume
All our perfumes have a concentration of + 20% essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions.

Blue Cypress Australia
Lavender Bulgaria
Patchouli Indonesia
Clove Indonesia
Star Anise India


Origin: Kakadu Northern Territory - Australia"