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Bull's Blood by Imaginary Authors

  • Eau de Parfum Spray

Notes:  Geranium, Spanish Rose, Patchouli, Black Musk, Tobacco, Sandalwood and Bull’s Blood

From Imaginary Authors:

The women and men in these pages are lovers and brawlers, bullfighters and boxers, soft talkers and hard drinkers. They inhabit dusty Spanish villages and dank, dark brothels. At the heart of these unforgettable characters is a determined and undying passion that pushes them to make extraordinary decisions in the face of fear. Their fates are varied but the outcome is always the same, these are stories that grip you by the throat and don’t let go until you profess your devotion. Seductive and steadfast, this classic is not for the faint of heart but for the full of heart.

WHEN TO WEAR: No other fragrance in our line balances brutality and elegance like this beast. Ignore the glares, take the bull by horns, and show the world who’s boss.”