$189.00 USD

Business Man by Simone Andreoli

  • Eau de Parfum Intense
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance:  Green / Citrus

Notes:  Grapefruit, Black Currant, Cassis Leaves, Cropped Grass and Vetiver

Collection:  Verses of Life

From Simone Andreoli:


From the green English country sides to the city of London.

Business Man is character and formal elegance.

Effervescent in the first instants thanks to grapefruit and black currant, while it becomes more green in the heart with the smell of cropped grass and cassis leaves.


Clutched by his damaged heart, he looked at the City from his glass office, despising values he had refused for the success of an image built among fog and applauses.

Dull, resigned perhaps, his eyes looked for someone among the people, in the noise of fleeing words, conveyed in that mess that attacked his mind like crowd in the Greater London.

Time ran fast through the streets interposing between Heathrow and Greater London; after a punctual landing, the cab leads us to the urban jungle, where seconds mark steps, beats and lives.

Finally I met Mr. R*******n who welcomed him inside his glass palace, where elegant essences were given off; they did not smelled like typically English scents; they were more sophisticated and original, like his firm handgrip that talked about success and classiness.

The pleasure of sitting at his table and listening to charming stories guarded within his knowledge, along with unspeakable secrets that darkened his look.

He then showed me Southwark’s streets and the City of Westminster, where he closed all his thoughts inside a memory, hidden behind that perfume that mesmerised his mind with a brilliant and perfect reality.”