$240.00 USD

Cedar in Flower by Scents of Wood ~ L’Âme du Bois

  • Made in USA
  • By Pascal Gaurin
  • Bottle and cap colors may vary.

Notes:  Cedar Leaf, Cardamom, Lemon Oil Italy, Cedar Wood, Rose, Geranium Egypt, Australian Sandalwood and Patchouli Oil

From Scents of Wood:


Musky, woody, and endlessly floral. Cedar in Flower is a triumph of the celestial and elusive, matching the rich roots of Cedarwood Oil with the dewy profile of Rose Essential for Life to create an enthralling fragrance that is daringly fresh and floral.

Wooden Platform

Featuring a prominence of Cedarleaf Oil as its base, this bottle begins with a pointedly crisp and woody note that underlines the floral additions with a strong timber bloom.

Sharp Joys

Cardamom Oil MLR and Lemon Oil combine together to sharpen the senses and leave a sparkling sensation on the skin as they transport you to an immaculately floral paradise. Combined with romantic textures of Rose and Geranium Egypt for Life LMR bloom, this fragrance swirls into an alluring halo of sensory joy.

Draped in Warmth

A sustaining warmth and character add a further dimension to the fragrance, with Cedarwood Oil Pure Virginia, Patchouli Indonesia LMR, and Sustainable Australian Sandalwood imbuing sultry qualities that envelop and enthrall.

Immaculate Captivation

A victorious woody bloom of Cedarwood oil fuses with the unmatched profile of the dewy Rose Essential for Life to underline a transporting yet entrancing complex of celestial, golden woods draped in a sophisticated floralcy. The poignant and lingering scent pushes you into an immaculate forest-laden conclusion that is not only lux but also undeniably sweet."