$16.00 USD

Cheeky Smile by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Woody - Amber
  • Perfumer: Dominique Moellhausen
  • Concentration: 25%

Top Notes:  Iso E Super and Ambrocenide

Heart Notes:  Ambroxan and Ambercore

Bottom Notes:  Cashmeran and Amber Xtreme

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“Music is religion. Acid House is a cult. The second season of Summer of Love opens in London temples Shoom and Future. DJs are the spiritual guides of this cultural movement, a youth revolution that is consecrated during musical liturgies that are synthesized and reproduced on a TB-303 base. House music’s rituals take place in spots chosen by its disciples, the young. The Word: everlasting fun.

Hypnotic, synthetic and acid sounds, such as those reproduced and synthesized by the most exclusive British clubs’ consoles, resonate on repeat in Cheeky Smile fragrance. It is a tribute to Acid House, which finds its absolute Dogma in synthesizing. A new, musical dimension where rhythmics takes over melody. The perfumer Dominique Moellhausen created a molecular cocktail of pure joy in order to convey this expressive purism into olfactory notes: an olfactory rhythm that leads to an abstract dimension where ultra-modern notes of Iso E Super, Ambercore and Amber Extreme blends with Cashmeran. Olfactory avant-garde.

A body and soul fusion. Electronic and extreme sounds are distilled in a mantra, which leads to a lack of thoughts, to the total perception of the senses. Sensorial hypnosis.

Smile. This is the Credo of Acid House’ new sound. It is the youth revolution’s iconography, which embodies the primal desire for social distraction. Clubs are the place of worship, where the ultra-sensorial ceremony takes place. Evil does not exist. London clubs, the genesis of House party, were forgotten and unknown until when, in summer 1988, they explode thanks to new divinities come down to earth from Ibiza: the DJ’s. Entering the Shoom or the Future is a mystical experience; everybody who gets seduced by it is willing to evangelize new disciples.Acid House music shows itself into the world almost instantly. This devotion imposes a dress code. Fluro T-shirts, comfortable outfits, sneakers and smileys are all signs of belonging, which erase each and every background and set everybody free on the dance-floor’s egalitarian scene, as during an initiation. Astonishing.

Cheeky Smile is the impudent desire to fully express yourself and surrender to an hypnotic whirl of happiness. This new sociality, symbolized by the smiley, spreads through extra-sensorial levels. No prejudice, no obstacles. I am smiling.

Fluorescente. This color reveals itself in its natural habitat: darkness. The Cheeky Smile bottle shows its true essence in the dark, becoming fluo: it is the very first one in the history of perfumery.Fluorescence creates an hypnotic game of lights. It is the true essence that reveals and expresses itself. Freedom

A molecular metric is the pulse that dictates the rhythm of a groundbreaking fragrance. Woody and vibrant notes of Cashmeran are the base where Ambroxan’s insolent and synthetic rhythm interplays with ultramodern and technologic notes of Iso E Super. The fragrance’s volume is amplified by sensual notes of amber extreme. Olfactory ecstasy is synthesized. Cheeky Smile is on the floor.

"Woo-woo, woo-woo, woo- woo…freedom, love, peace…DANCE & GO BANANAS"  V-Monkeys London 1988”