$130.00 USD

Crikey! Coconut Caramel by 4160 Tuesdays

  • Eau de Parfum

Notes:  Magnolia, Coconut Cream, Linden Blossom, Waterlily, Toffee, Coffee, Chocolate, Vanilla and Musk

From 4160 Tuesdays:

“In 2020 Sarah asked our Facebook Group, 4160Tuesdays News, what their ideal fragrance would be. What would they have made if they won the lottery. Sarah Jackson suggested the intriguingly original aroma of “a light floral coconut, plus a deep chocolately caramel coffee coconut”. That sounded like a good challenge, and Sarah decided to make it for her as a surprise (we were in the first full lockdown and people needed cheering up). It turned out rather gorgeously, with natural magnolia blossom, helped by a new sustainable lily aroma, Lilybelle, radiating from the gloriously delicious ice cream sundae surprise of toffee, coffee, chocolate, coconut and vanilla.

Arthur, our film-maker, photographer and occasional bottler, loved it so much that he volunteered to design our new brochure if we would launch it and give him a lifetime’s supply. So here it is."

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