$105.00 USD

Decisions Decisions by Imaginary Authors

  • Eau de Parfum Spray

Notes:  Tuberose, Sarsaparilla, Geranium, Labdanum, Jasmine Sambac, Raspberry, and Sweet Suspense

From Imaginary Authors:

“One of the most eccentric and sparkling voices of her generation, Jasmine Duchamp might be best known as the leader of the Wishbone Girls, a young group of activists who met in the basement of her mother’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama nail salon. Inspired by the outlaws seen in the black and white Westerns of her youth, Duchamp developed the smooth yet resilient tone which would reverberate around the world. Marvel at the unconventional thinking behind her most bombastic triumphs and be stunned silent by a breathtaking ending no one could have predicted.

“I know that I should not, and yet I absolutely will. What can I say? I am defenseless when it comes to thrills.”

WHEN TO WEAR:  Wear this powerful fragrance to amplify your brilliance. You are a blessing to the world and now is your time to bloom. Go out there and make it a better place."