$70.00 USD

Delina Shower Gel by Parfums de Marly

  • 200 mL 

From Parfums de Marly:

“A charming and firmly modern floral bouquet captured in a shower gel that awakens the senses and perfumes the skin. The Delina shower gel is a sensory experience that when lathered onto the skin is radiant and sparkling. It is a purely feminine scent - a bouquet of rose and peony with fruity notes of pear, lychee and grapefruit capture the soirée of this signature olfactory in all its beauty. Set in a subtle base of vanilla, musk and evernyl the Delina scent is luminous and passionate and uses only the finest ingredients.

The perfect touch of modern femininity and sensorial delight, the rich and creamy Delina Shower Gel by Parfums de Marly has a vibrant radiance and stirring composition. Presented in a soothing shower gel that ignites the senses the scent is composed around a harmony of Turkish rose that encapsulates sensuality, freshness and luxuriousness. It is the perfect accompaniment to the Parfums de Marly eau de parfum Delina. The ideal gesture for extending your fragrance trail throughout the day."