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Rien Intense Incense by Etat Libre d’Orange

Notes:  Incense, Rose, Leather, Iris, Rockrose, Oakmoss, Pyrogenic Styrax, Patchouli, Amber, Cumin, Black Pepper and Aldehydes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray

 From Etat Libre d’Orange:

Rien Intense Incense:

Darker. Richer. Stronger.

This dramatic fragrance has a powerful sensuality, an unforgettably strange and wonderful potency. Nothing Intense Incense is a challenge to the senses. Apply with caution.


“Nothing is Everything. Do not believe what you first see… under the demureness of the name, the spicy savour of blackcurrant bays and the musky notes of blonde suede. Rien is a second skin perfume, a perfume that clings to the body and perseveres in the mind. Like venial sin on the verge of becoming mortal, irresistible and resolutely pervasive. As light as mohair and as precious as cashmere, the fragrance envelops skin with a powdered caress. It has the meticulous elegance and hypnotic beauty of a modern Dorian Gray, in a feminine/masculine version.

An entrancing fragrance that leaves an unforgettable imprint. Utter charm, utterly charismatic. The vanilla/opium accord of the drydown reinforces the addiction. Rien is an essential.

A perfumer’s confession.”