$97.00 USD
Fantosmia by Jorum Studio
  • Eau de Parfum

Notes: Black Pepper, Annatto, Cardamom, Pimento, Fennel, Sisho Leaf, Mate, Cascarilla, Nutmeg, Aetoxylon, Castoreum (of synthetic origin), Saffron and Tobacco

From Jorum Studio:

"Reality is immaterial.

Sculptural, Diffusive, Ink-stained, Granular, Cold-touch, Mercurial, Blurred, Obsidian.

Fantosmia Eau de Parfum is a perfume that marries natural phenomenon with manufactured intelligence in equal measure.

The end result presents a progressive step towards a new olfactory language – speaking not only in notes and aromatic raw materials, but also in shape, form, texture, surface, physicality, the elusive and intangible; giving additional lexicon to odours, their form and resulting sensation (olfacticality).

Existing in liquid form, Fantosmia transcends materiality and showcases the inherent beauty of select natural materials and the power of harnessed molecular knowledge.

Pairs with: Phloem & Trimerous

Perfume made and assembled by hand in Scotland.

Fantosmia Eau de Parfum is part of the evolving “Selective Memory” collection.

Notes from the perfumer:

For months I kept smelling this assemblage of aromas disassociated with anything physical – I could not place the source of the emitted odour. The reaction was visceral. I hunted for the source, but to no avail. These ghost notes were at once familiar, distinguishable in their singular form however the accumulation was indescribable in few words. It was elusive and enigmatic. The scent had silhouette but little form, what structure there was seemed distorted and contorted however malleable, fluid, textural - the sort of intuitive design only nature can craft.

I would smell it in the air, I would taste it in foods. I looked for it in materials, perfumes, drinks… people, coming so close to finding but never isolating the subject.

But the smell didn’t exist. One day, it vanished.

I set about objectifying it.

The finished perfume lived with us for a long time, sat as an object on the mantle. It’s leaking screw-cap diffusing.

The phantom odour now had form, and the source of my once-imagined odour, created. The sensation that Fantosmia creates is not purely natural nor manufactured, but an odd meeting somewhere between.

Besides the aroma, we were trying to add a physical parameter to the odour. The phantom smell that haunted me appeared to comprise a materiality. It was sculptural, like obsidian however molten and fluid like mercury. It’s form was blurry and the surface granular. I imagined it possessing the same thermodynamic properties of ambient metals; cold to the touch with efficient heat transfer. The resulting perfume is diffusive and ethereal, whilst at the same time possessing an inky quality that segues between transparent and opaque."