$195.00 USD

Feel N Chill by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Ozonic - Green
  • Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
  • Concentration: 19%

Top Notes:  Bergamot and Watermelon

Heart Notes:  Coconut Water and Fig Leaves

Bottom Notes:  Vetiver and Musks

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“Café del Mar, San Antonio Ibiza. Sipping a mojito while the sun is going down, a DJ is playing and thoughts are melting into the peace of a western dusk. Music soundtracks the emotion of the moment and gives life to memories. A reggae groove brings body and mind into the same rhythm and reinforced by the pulsing downbeat creates an evanescent, impalpable atmosphere. A gentle breeze brings the memory of distant blues; the unbearable lightness of being.

Feel ‘n’ Chill plays reggae, downbeat and acid jazz together with classical music and blues. Master perfumer Dominique Ropion creates a scented playlist which perfectly embodies a mood. A summer breeze of sour but fresh Bergamot notes meets sweet hints of watermelon. In the heart, body and soul melts into a reggae sensation of coconut water and fig leaves notes. Vetiver, with its blues notes, vibrates like a cello, creating the base rhythm of this soul-cocooning melody. In the final compilation, classical notes of musk invite us to surrender to our feelings; inner peace.

Perfume and music bring joy to the everyday. The present is swept away and the memory of a moment of ecstasy sublimates the soul through the notes of a well-known sound. Places and sensations bind with memories creating an inner state defined by the absence of gravity. This is emotional evanescence.

‘Chillout’ rooms are the salvation place for rave parties’ lost souls; here, an introspective and slow sound is the balm that leads back to consciousness and to the present moment. The pulsing downbeat and reggae music – played in Ibiza’s sunset strip while watching the sun sink into the sea – accompany an inner feeling completely in unison with the universe and nature. Contemplative sounds, Arabic and deep house percussion and bossanova rhythms join moments of ethnic music, leading to a camouflage of feelings, cultures and landscapes, where the thrill of happiness breaks down every challenge. This is an endless jam session between man and universe.

Listen to your soul and catch the beauty of the moment. Your soul tunes in to the spirit of the world, in an endless present. Carpe diem.

The color of Feel ‘n’ Chill is the third eye. It is the color of soul and mind; inner awakening and awareness of our emotional forces. This is the color of deep fulfillment and content which is so often restrained by the everyday.

A compilation of experimental and electronic sounds, reggae rhythms and groove fusions:  Feel ‘n’ Chill expresses the most fundamental facet of being. The fragrance opens with a classical duet between citrus accords of bergamot and sweet harmonies of watermelon. Sweetish notes of coconut water together with surprising hints of fig leaves are the heart of this perfume: they mark an intense, pleasant and warm olfactory swing. Deep notes of vetiver and musk blend together in the same horizon, like a bossanova beat waving goodbye to the day and welcoming the night. The universe is fulfilled.

"I’m addicted to music and I can’t live without it! Just play and relax your mind."  V-Monkeys, Forever & Ever”