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Flash Back in New York by Olfactive Studio

  • Flash Back in New York by Olfactive Studio
  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France

Top Notes: Cumin, Clary Sage, White Linen and Saffron

Heart Notes: Violet, Tuscan Leather and Jasmine

Base Notes: Birch Smoke, Papyrus, Vetiver and Tonka Bean

From Olfactive Studio:

"The element of surprise is one of the city’s trademarks. At once exuberant and full of contrasts, Flash Back in New York starts with an energetic blend of cumin, saffron, and sage. The first wave of emotion segues into a captivating heart note to the beat of violet and jasmine, and a note of Tuscan leather that lends warmth to the composition.

The fragrance swiftly evolves into a slow and graceful movement toward a warm woody and addictive accord of smoked birch, papyrus, and vetiver.

Perfumer : Jérôme Epinette @Robertet"

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