$285.00 USD

Gold II Sahara by Widian

  • Gold Collection
  • Extrait de Parfum
  • Made in France

Top Notes:  Saffron, Orange and Elemi

Middle Notes:  Rose and Orange Blossom

Base Notes:  Amber, Musk, Cedar Wood and Vanilla

From Widian:

"An encounter with saffron...

Gold II bottles a moment in the gentle preparation process of saffron known as the red gold over centuries or even millennia in the middle eastern regions. An experience of pure luxury.

The story takes place during the harvest period for saffron, the most precious of all spices. It is a moment when the passion of red blends with the opulence of gold.

The land has not changed over the centuries the Earth, as far as the eye can see, is dotted with purple. Amongst the millions of delicate crocus blossoms, a work of patience and precision is performed by the harvesters each flower giving just three vibrant red stigmas of saffron.

As the saffron threads are carefully sorted and prepared to be dried, the strong aromas of the noble spice blanket the underlying scent of oranges that emanate from the fruit on the trees surrounding the dwelling. All around, piles of crocus flowers deprived of their stems exhale a fragrance of fresh rose in symphony with the blossoms of the orange trees. In the open, the fire is lit with selected woods to produce saffron of the utmost quality. A warm, amber cosiness arises from the flames as the smoke saturates the sky with the smell of musky cedar and sweet vanilla while the saffron threads find their unique crimson colour."