$195.00 USD

Green Bubble by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Woody Oriental
  • Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet
  • Concentration: 20%

Top Notes:  Grapefruit, Marijuana Accord (Cannabis) and Absinthe (Wormwood)

Heart Notes:  Saffron, Honey and Cedar Wood

Bottom Notes:  Labdanum, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Dry Amber

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“An earthly paradise, ruled by the original sin: Love. Mankind, folk culture and every day slow living create Jamaica and are Jamaica’s creation at the same time. Jamaica: the land of Springs. In this Eden, BPM becomes rarefied and the bass’ line lay down the law to guitar. Pure ideals are so powerful to go beyond the borders of this isle. Reggae descends on earth: one music and one culture.

Reggae is the doctrine of Jamaica’s kingdom; in its immaculate religiousness, essence and beauty become faith. In the Green Bubble fragrance, the rhythm is composed by the serenity of a shining sun, the Jamaican people’s strength and creativity, and the vegetation, which reigns undisputed in this land of wood and water. A flawless oasis where the euphoria rising from vegetation’s and smoky woods’ scent meets the spirituality of incense. Julien Rasquinet gives shape to Eden, creating a perfect balance between woody accords with sharp notes of absinthe and aromatic hints of saffron and Indian hemp. Sensory ecstasy.

Pure, untamed and virgin nature creates Jamaica’s skyline. A place where music, religion and creativity become a dance and a folk culture. A promised land.

Jamaica is the virtue countering the Babylon system. Reggae is sky’s, earth’s, God’s singing. A rhythm that was born to give voice to Man, the dance of everyday life happiness. It was born in the outskirts of the world and has gone beyond the isolated borders of an isle, crossing the oceans and reaching all of the planet to the point of being acknowledged as UNESCO heritage, as intangible mankind’s asset.

1968, the word “reggae” appears in a song for the first time: Do the Reggae from band Maytals, leaded by the charismatic Toots Hibbert. Bob Marley is Reggae music’s personification on earth, together with Wailers, he is the prophet of this new genre.

Reggae’s grammar is the Bubble: a rhythm played on two accords of organ that gives life to a sound that is easily recognizable and identifies a folk’s culture. Reggae finds its philosophy in the Rastafarian movement which asserts African cultural and national dignity and supports the sacramental use of marijuana as bearer of salvation, it’s the tree of Life and Wisdom. The dreadlocks, one of the codes of Reggaes’ Credo are the consecration of one’s head through the abstention from combing and hair cutting. Reggae is rebellion toward a globalized system, is justice and equality ideals’, is powerful strength. Reggae is a Redemption Song.

A riff that sculpts time and makes a sound immortal. Green Bubble pays homage to Jamaican’s nature in all its shapes, colors, in its distinctive rhythm. It is the eternal and continuous becoming of life.

1962, Jamaica gains its independence and states its own identity in a green, yellow and black flag. Green Bubble’s color expresses Jamaica’s untamed nature and cultural pureness; it is the synthesis of messages of hope, strength and love, which belongs to this land and its people.

Green Bubble’s rhythmic is created on woody notes of sandalwood and cedar wood, a perfect balance with intense and spiritual absinthe accords and rich and aromatic notes of honey and saffron. A mystic olfactory experience that blends pure scents of Indian hemp with human and emotional sensation. Everything's gonna be alright...

"Greenery all around, old trees roots deep in the ground, happy people, free smiles, waves tumbling in the ocean, everything surrounded by bubble chords that lead everybody to dance in a flow of emotions: hope, freedom, energy, mysticism…just lose yourself in the beauty of the rhythm."  V-Monkeys, 2003”