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Hélène by Rance Fragrance for Women

Fragrance: Fresh • Aromatic • Amber-Scented • Woody

Top Notes: Neroli, Cardamom, Ylang-Ylang, Cinnamon

Middle Notes: Orange Flowers, Sambac Jasmine, Rose, Tonka Bean

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Iris, Musk, Heliotrope, Benzoin

A Description from Rance:

 "Albine de Vassal's gift of love to Napoleon.

Albine de Vassal, Napoleon's love-struck partner, chose to follow the exiled Emperor to Saint Helen, where she gave birth to Hélène, the fruit of their love. Hélène and Albine were two rays of sunshine that brought light into Napoleon's life.

The child was called Hélène Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Jean Rancé, son of François, who, like his father, was a fervent follower of Napoleon, dedicated to Hélène this creation, through which he expressed the tenderness of sublime love.

This highly feminine fragrance is an ode to romantic love and its joyous youthfulness. The fresh, delicate notes of Neroli and the aerial scent of Ylang Ylang blend with scents of Rose and Sambac Jasmine, creating a delicate and harmonious perfume with a sensual undertone.

Head notes:  Neroli, Cardamom, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon

Heart notes:  Orange Flowers, Sambac Jasmine, Rose, Tonka Bean

Base notes:  Sandalwood, Iris, Musk, Heliotrope, Benzoin

Olfactory Description:  Floral, Fresh, Woody, Undertone of Musk”

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