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Le Roi Empereur by Rance Fragrance for Men

 Fragrance: Fresh • Spicy • Amber • Oriental Wood

Top Notes: Lavender, Orange Flowers, Anise

Middle Notes: Cardamom, Iris, Rose, Violet

Base Notes: Amber, Leather, Reunion Cinnamon Cedar, Woodland Musk

A Description from Rance:

 " With his coronation as King of Italy on May 26th, 1805 in Milan, thus taking on the dual title of Emperor and KingNapoleon reached the peak of his glory. Only Charlemagne, one thousand years before him, had succeeeded in bringing the whole of europe under his rule.

This was the hightest consecration of military and political genius, which led to the fulfilment of the ideas of Liberty and Reform of the French Revolution. The Whole of europe acclaimed the hero, and François Rancé, his master perfumer and devoted admirer, created for him a fragrance which expressed his virile an fiery nature.

The fresh scents of levender and orange flower, together with the green, aromatic overtones of anise, blend with amber and reunion cinnamon to create a symphony of intense accords.

Leather exalts the masculine character; while cedar and musk give intensity and persistence of the fragrance.

Head notes:  Lavender, Orange flower, Anise

Heart notes:  Cardamon, Iris, Rose, Violet

Base notes:  Amber, Leather, Reunion Cinnamon, Cedar, Woodland Musk

Olfactory Description:  Fresh, Spicy, Amber, Oriental Wood”

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