$180.00 USD

L'Humaniste by Frapin

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France

Top Notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Cardamome, Pink Berries and Black Pepper

Heart Notes: Juniper and Nutmeg

Base Notes: Gin, Oakmoss and Tonka Bean

From P. Frapin:

"L’Humaniste, was created for men who wish to embody the values of tomorrow.
Open-minded, curious men. Tolerant, understanding, concerned. Men who believe that the future has never been in greater need of the wisdom of the past, as expressed in the humanism movement of the Renaissance.
Men who dream of Rabelais, distinguished member of the Frapin family, transported into our time. Sharing with others his insatiable love for our planet.
Cologne for a man of character.

The quintessence of land and time. Of sensuality and emotion. Of French know-how and art de vivre... Since 1270, the artisanal, family-owned Frapin has been refining its methods of producing cognac, controlling each step of the process. It is extend to approach and underline the relationship between two exceptional crafts, Frapin have decided to offer scents inspired by our cognacs, our history and our land."