$189.00 USD

L'Or du Sillage by Simone Andreoli

  • Eau de Parfum Intense
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance:  Chypre / Aromatic

Notes:  Bergamot, Petitgrain, Pine Needles, Pink Pepper, Cypress, Cedar Wood, Leather, Oakmoss Absolute and Patchouli

Collection:  Verses of Life

From Simone Andreoli:


A journey in the French Riviera aboard a yacht which treads the Mediterranean waters between Cap-Ferrat and Cannes. The white foam behind the boat reflects the sunset colors becoming a gold scent.

L’Or du Sillage encloses the essence of Mediterranean in a contemporary and sophisticated fragrance. The top of the perfume reveals all the sparkling coast smells of bergamot, petitgran, pink pepper and pine needles. The heart, dry and woody like a boat fly bridge, is the harmony between cypress and cedarwood. The base of the composition is strengthen by leather and oakmoss absolute; a modern interpretation that embodies the expression of a timeless elegance.


I sail through sky-coloured waters that smell of coast and far hills’ trees.

I feel the breath of wind deliver the essence of summer on my skin: a scent that embraces and cradles me within a singing and whispering echo which wakes and calls me up to admire the sunset on the Mediterranean, between the inlets of Cap- Ferrat and the hidden bays of the French Riviera.

I am listening to the noise of sailed water joining the voice of my friends ready to party in the middle of the sea.

Here comes the sound of happiness.

We sail towards the horizon to catch what is unattainable, an endless, far destination that stands out against our view.

It’s nightfall and colours transform the sky into poetry, unique landscape of beauty surrounding senses.

Riding towards the sunset, the keel splits the water the sun is making shine with its warmest colours, leaving a golden wake behind.

I walk up the stairs to reach the Fly Bridge already crowded with laughs, music and friends.

The sound of glasses break into the background music and add those convivial notes that light faces up and brighten the party.A toast to happiness, to our time, to our spaces and moments that become private emotions.

A toast to exclusivity, to the luxury of living that transcends the luxury of material possession.

A toast to all of us.”