$12.00 USD

Malibu ~ Party in the Bay by Simone Andreoli

  • Eau de Parfum Intense
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance:  Citrus / Gourmand

Notes:  Lime, Green Accord, Coconut Nectar, Sugar, Rum and Sandalwood

Collection:  Verses of Life

From Simone Andreoli:


Hymn to summer and its colors. A party at the sunset in the Malibu bay sipping a long drink for letting yourself overwhelm to music.

The fragrance recreate the smell of a wisely blended coconut Daiquiri; the frozen opening of lime is an awakening of the senses that meet the sweetness of a refined coconut rum.


Every moment I am beside you is life.

The club music crowds the bay of happiness, a melody of senses which lights on while the sun fall into the sea and rises under our skin in the swing of sunset.

Alcohol flows, wind blows and the waves crashing on sand getting back in that immense sea under another shape; summer notes that I want to listen until dawn.

I feel the sun comes to life on my skin and awake my soul.

Under this summertime heat we bring our smiles, glares of our being which vibrate of us.

Maybe it’s summer craving, maybe it’s about the traveled miles but this seems to be one perfect moment where we can be happy without asking too many questions.

What are we waiting for ?

Let’s go to the beach club and let’s join the party.

People talk about how memorable are the Malibu sunsets therefore let’s carve this life fragment between the setting sky and the music volume."