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mi2 by Nanne Bailey Parfums ~ "Feels Like Heaven"

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 

Top Notes:  Grapefruit, Mandarin, Raspberry, Bergamot Orange, Hint of Cinnamon and Clove (Powdery Notes)

Heart Notes:  Rose, Jasmine and Sandalwood

Base Notes:  White Musk, Amber, Incense, Benzoin and Vanilla

From Nanne Bailey Parfums:

“a perfume that touches hearts, a fragrance that brings angels to life!

Nanne Bailey, a German perfume designer, based in Berlin,

creates personal, customized perfume creations for fragrance enthusiastic ladies & gentlemen. This special work was leading her to develop her own perfume brand: mi2 by Nanne Bailey Parfums


“My heart`s intention was to offer a perfume that is more than a product and is created to enrich our senses, heart and soul!“

mi2 is a multidimensional scent experience which tells exclusively

about the story of the holy rose!

mi2 is a conceptual fragrance which opens and communicates the theme of angels, expresses the divine and evokes a possible interchange with us.

It is a bridge between heaven and earth and narrates the union between heaven and our heart.

The heart of the fragrance, as the main actor, is rose!

A precious rose: rich, multifaceted, magnificent and accomplished!

Rose itself always stands for love! In this perfume, the meaning of rose gets a new interpretation. It evolves into a recall of highest divine love, taking a heavenly reference!

In spiritual tradition rose is associated with a heart`s spirit and divinity where people can perceive and smell an intense scent of rose around them, revealing the holy presence of the divine.

Divine nearness can be perceived as an intense and inebriating fragrance frequency!

mi2 expresses this „supreme love“ and captures this „spirit of light“ in a bottle.


We sense a warm, sensual, harmonious and spiritual blend of Sandalwood combined with the cozy, introspective and exotic Benzoin of Siam.

The carnal and passionate Amber blends in with the innocent candor of White Musk.

The buttery sweetness of Madagascar Vanilla melts with the scent of incense representing “the key for heaven“: holy, sacred and mysterious.

All these nuances subtly resonate whilst delicately embracing the rose with its emotional, expressive, sparkling, mystical, maternal, sweet and sensual connotations.

Flooded by shimmering strong imperial light of the atavistic and seductive Jasmine, the Queen of flowers is enchanted in an intimate and ascetic sacred embrace.

The ancestral prelude, a sweet reminder of the Garden of Eden, and the refreshing citric notes of Grapefruit, Mandarin and Bergamot elevate and illuminate the mind.

In addition to an intriguing, allusive juicy raspberry, the top note includes elegant powdery impressions, paired with a touch of spicy and carnal Cinnamon, which is said to bring good luck, representing the principle of sunlight!

mi2 responds to the desire to offer something unique to discover beyond the perfume. It elevates and responds to the innermost desires of our heart and soul,

serving as a bridge between heaven and earth, building a connection with what is sacred in and around us.

The name „mi2“ originates from „me too“ referring to the meaning „ believe in love and heaven above „that aligns and connects with the inner „me“ to rediscover and reflect the good in ourselves in all its facets.

Mi2 is an olfactive invitation to unfold the highest potential of love, joy, creativity and peace within our heart!

The message is in the bottle and is inspiration and reason for this angelic, soul flattering perfume, ready to be discovered!

May this fragrance inspire you to diffuse your heart`s power into this world!

*Extra product feature: Each package includes a script of inspiring angel messages along with the long lasting 25% EDP intense!


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