$240.00 USD

Néroli in Acacia by Scents of Wood ~ L’Âme du Bois

  • Made in USA
  • By Pascal Gaurin
  • Bottle and cap colors may vary.

Notes:  Petitgrain Oil, Bitter Orange Extract, Upcycled Carrot Seed Heart, Orange Flower Absolute Egypt, Neroli Oil Tunisia, Oak Wood and Cashmeran

From Scents of Wood:


A radiant bouquet of luminous Neroli and colorful Acacia, evoke an elegant golden sophistication to create a magnificent solar glowing impression.

This combination shares sparkling floral notes, blooming with bright sun-kissed petals with a wink of soft leathery, woody undertones for a luxurious finish.

Like the golden sun rays passing through the window in a summer afternoon and brightening up the room, the radiant Neroli Oil Tunisia vibrates citrus and floral facets. To defy the Orange Flower water effect, Neroli Oil's freshness, petally feel is boosted by the subtle warmth of Acacia. To highlight the Neroli's radiance, Saffiano provides stark, contemporary contrast, depth and sensuality with a seeded leather and powdery smoothness."