$215.00 USD

Night Flow by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Fruity Ambery
  • Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet
  • Concentration: 20%

Top Notes:  Saffron, Raspberry and Pink Pepper LMR

Heart Notes:  Osmanthus LMR, Davana Essential Oil and Jasmine Sambac LMR

Bottom Notes:  Ambergris Accord, Indonesian Patchouli Oil (Molecular Distillation LMR), Leather Accord and Tolu Balsam

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“On the playground between Valentine Avenue and 183th street in New York, Grandmaster Caz and Disco Wiz are the MCs ready for the “Beat Battle”. A bass and drum groove spins on the decks. It is just an ordinary summer day in the Big Apple where the MCs’ groove is block party law. Then the vinyl starts slowing down until it stops. New York lights go out one after another. Blackout. Nothing will ever be the same.

It is the lyrics of the night, when the universe reveals itself in all its secret nuances to those who never give up. This is when conflicts become poetry, dissonance becomes harmony and tension dissolves into the creation of a new dawn. For Night Flow, Master of Ceremonies Julien Rasquinet creates a eurhythmic, intense and bold composition. The explosive and spicy opening of pink pepper LMR and saffron surrenders to the deep sweetness of raspberry. The sensuality of osmanthus LMR and the warm soul of Davana essential oil are the perfect companions for the Lady-of-the Night – the Jasmine Sambac. A precious ambergris accord meets intense, dark-bohemian hints of patchouli oil, in an outstanding freestyling of leather and tolu balm. In the dark splendour of the night, the divine takes shape..

Sometimes, Divine shows itself in mankind’s imperfection. It is the night when human weakness becomes eternity.

New York, July 13th 1977, 21.34. Suddenly, a storm breaks the humidity of an American summer. Lightning bolts strike one after another, hitting a power station in the metropolitan area. At the Shea Stadium the Mets’ match is suspended, radio and TV stations stop broadcasting and Flushing Meadows Park, in the middle of Queens, is in darkness. Everything is disconnected in an pulsing rhythm, melting into the night. It is the beginning of a moment that will change music forever.

In the next 25 hours all activities in Manhattan and Brooklyn are paralyzed, as is Harlem. Here, thanks to the darkness, robberies and looting break out. The Bronx neighbourhood becomes a lawless opportunity: electronics stores are the favourite destinations to find the equipment to make music. The block parties multiply and the MC’s are on fire. Every block has its own crew now. One night’s blackout has changed music history. Rap is born.

Night Flow is the moment when the dream takes shape. An indulgent summer evening, when the slow flow of hours seduces and leads to the undiscovered dawn.

Night Flow chromatic code is inspired by the reflection of the night. The metallic effect conveys the night’s endless shades and its sensual and mysterious nature.

Night Flow opens its groove with spicy hints of saffron and pink pepper LMR. On top, the sweetness of raspberry finishes the rhyme. The heart note poetics are built around sensual verses of jasmine sambac, in a sensory scratching with carnal notes of osmanthus and gourmand facets of davana. The bottom notes’ metric combines sacred and secular in an accord of ambergris and patchouli oil LMR. A leathery hint is the extra beat, marking the fragrance dry down: eternal rhythm.

"The dark streets burn while creating a kind of “The Warriors” atmosphere. Suddenly the record player stops, lights turn off, windows shatter. From blackout to a revolution!"  V-Monkeys Bronx July 13th 1977”