$240.00 USD

Oak in Bourbon by Scents of Wood ~ L’Âme du Bois

  • Made in USA
  • By Pascal Gaurin
  • Bottle and cap colors may vary.

Notes:  Fresh Ginger Extract, Black Pepper Madagascar, Star Anise, Lavender, Geranium Egypt, Guaiac Wood, Oak Wood, Vetiver Haiti and Cypriol (Nagarmotha)

From Scents of Wood:


A striking blend of aromas and textures that feels infinitely intriguing and relaxing, oak in Bourbon is an intoxicating composition of warm spices and luxurious woods that feels cozy and comfortable while also mysterious and daring.

Deep Roots

Textured Oakwood and Smoky Guaiac Wood form the core woody structure of this intoxicating bouquet, lending an earthy quality that seeps into the skin and leaves an alluring signature.

Whisky Blend

The warm essence of American Bourbon adds a spicy edge to the smooth Oakwood, transcending the sensory experience and contrasting the opulence with a bold freshness.

Explosive Delights

Fresh Ginger extract, Star Anise, and Black Pepper Madagascar energize the bouquet to add a stunning new dimension that feels vibrant and intoxicating.

Alluringly Smooth

As the fragrance matures on the skin its timeless elegance shines through, leaving a bold, creamy signature that is both gorgeously rich and earthy."