$14.00 USD

Ocean of a Midnight Moon by Simone Andreoli

  • Eau de Parfum Intense
  • Made in Italy

Fragrance:  Aquatic / Marine / Woody

Notes:  Sea Water, Citruses Peels (Citrus), Mint, Myrtle, Juniper Berries, Oak, Oak Moss, Fir, Leather and Driftwood

Collection:  Poetry of Night

From Simone Andreoli:


The white foam of an overwhelming wave carries the oceanic freshness of a night sea illuminated by the glow of the moon. A refined, rich and captivating fragrance that releases all the strength of the sea and its deep freshness in the time of night. Marine scents and sparkling citruses join aromatic notes of mint, myrtle and juniper berries. Mediterranean salt that crystallizes on drifted woods, beaten by the waves and shaped by the night sea of Formentera.


A white foam, swashes ashore, paints dark in white.

Rough dried salt on your skin that I steal with a kiss to savour you.

Summer flings, wild spirits, eyes indomitable and stormy like sea.

Midnight of standstill, quite and peaceful sea in the incoming dark.

A polar white break the darkness in water and shatter into your shores under the moon.

Nocturnal abysses, dwelled by emotions that live under limitless oceans where your silence thunders in your iris.

In the dark of our intimacy night, we let the sea bring our hearts adrift, drowning superfluous with tide.”