$240.00 USD

Oud in Acacia by Scents of Wood ~ L’Âme du Bois

  • Made in USA
  • By Yves Cassar
  • Bottle and cap colors may vary.

Notes:  Orange Blossom, Rose, Oud (Agarwood), Orris, Carrot, Immortelle, Amberwood (Amber Wood), Vanilla and Cedar Wood

From Scents of Wood:


Dance with both Light and Shadow with a delicate blend of the mysterious and untamable with a fragrance that balances the most exclusive ingredients available.

Dark Opulence

Like the far-off touch of a mythical hand, this alluring blend will envelop your senses like none other with its Golden Grail distilled Oud to ensure every drop makes you feel truly special.

Golden Elegance

Rich and fiery in equal measure, Amberwood is capable of sweeping anyone off their feet and whisking them away on an adventure of sensory joy. Soak up the sun and be enchanted.

Flickers of the Heart

With an unfading glow of Immortelle and flowery notes of Orris and Rose, you’ll be transported to an afternoon garden of the senses that leaves the skin radiating and the soul incandescent.

Luxe Nostalgia

A woody backbone of texture and aroma calls back to memories of a favorite book, a favorite film, or even a treasured moment in time that’s ready to be unlocked whenever you open the bottle."