$105.00 USD
Pentimento by Jorum Studio
  • Eau de Parfum

Notes: Tiaré, Orchid, Hazelnut, Broom Absolute, Carob Absolute, Tobacco Flower, Vanilla, Rum Absolute, Tonka Bean Absolute

From Jorum Studio:

"Olfacticality:  Velveteen, soft-touch, humid, coated, layered, ashen

Pentimento is a cornucopia of moreish delights, an extravagant still-life that rewards both wearer and audience. Decadent ormolu gilded flower details are backlit by the velveteen drapery shimmer of Hazelnut and Broom. Sumptuously smudged Tonka and Carob bean provide a soft halo-glow against the cool polished stone façade of Rum Absolute and the austere crystalline refraction of Tobacco flower. Pentimento is a bouquet that is baroque in its grandeur and is unapologetically rich and indulgent – it is big and encompassing whilst being exceptionally nuanced, faceted, articulate and endlessly complex.

Pentimento celebrates a desire for change. A change of mind brought on by reflection rather than necessity. Pentimento is not the story of repentance but of our desire to approach an idea from a different perspective where change itself is the catalyst, influence and inspiration.

Pairs with: Athenaeum and Carduus

Made in Scotland."