$275.00 USD

Ruby Red by The House of Oud ~ THoO

"The Tribute to the Queen."

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in Italy

Top Notes:  Fresh Ginger and Tangerine

Heart Notes:  Ginger Blossom, Ylang-Ylang and Tuberose

Base Notes:  Candied Ginger, Vanilla, Woody Notes and Musk

From THoO:

"The Ruby, symbol of unquenchable love, is considered an amulet that brings happiness and is a perfect testimony to this love story, which lasted more than 80 years: the long love affair between Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince Consort Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Ruby Red oriental floral is a sophisticated, romantic and timeless fragrance, inspired by the ‘scarab’ of rubies, gold and diamonds that the Duke of Edinburgh gave her in 1966. The regal partnership of ginger and floral notes creates an intriguing and passionate sillage. The fleshy petals of ylang ylang envelop tuberose and ginger flowers in an intoxicating accord of notes. Vanilla blends well with the warmth and body of woody notes and the luminosity of musk. A lush fragrance, enhanced by the perfect synergy between the spiciness of ginger and the delicacy of flowers."