$8.00 USD

Santal Sky by Kierin NYC

"Intertwined like vines, we stroll through the park. Leaves releases their woody fragrance. Under a canopy of trees, in the center of it all, we are a million miles from city life. Music from impromptu drum circles, the rhythm of runners’ footsteps, diverse languages fill my ears like poetry. This retreat into nature refreshes my soul.The sun smiling down upon us, I pull my loved one close. In synchronicity, we breathe.

Santal Sky is an amazing, thoughtful scent with a touch of irreverence. Woody, intimate and serene fragrance and bound with earthy vibrancy, it refreshes the soul and embodies a calm heart in the fast beat of city streets."

  • Santal Sky by Kierin NYC
  • Eau de parfum natural spray
  • Made in USA

Vibe:  Intimate - Serene 

Olfactive Harmony:  Woody - Spicy

Key Ingredients:  Cardamon - Saffron - Sandalwood - Vetiver

Eau de Parfum:  Premium quality with 20% Fragrance Concentration

"Clean & Conscious: This product is cruelty-free and free of skin allergens, parabens, phthalates, unnecessary stabilizers and animal products."

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