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Silky Woods Elixir by Goldfield & Banks

  • Eau de Parfum

Notes: Fig, Saffron, Rose, Peru Balsam, Orris, Agarwood (Oud) Australia, Guaiac Wood, Ambroxan, Clearwood®, Vanilla, Musk, Oakmoss, Cypriol (Nagarmotha) and Oud Assafi

From Goldfield and Banks:

"In the depths of Australia's ancient and enchanting Daintree Rainforest, where verdant canopies embrace ancient earth, an olfactory treasure is cultivated. Shrouded in secrecy and mystique, here agarwood (oud) is produced at the first and only agarwood plantation in Australia. This treasure, the dark and fragrant resin-embedded heartwood of Phialophora parasitica-infected Aquilaria trees, oud has a rich, musty, woody-nutty, and animalic odour prized for centuries in China, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, where the smell of its thick perfumed oil is almost ubiquitous.

Dark and excessive, Silky Woods Elixir is a smoky reawakening of the Australian agarwood originally used in Silky Woods Eau de Parfum. This exotic botanical is one of the most mysterious and revered essences in perfumery. Meticulously crafted with fig, saffron, orris, and syrupy balsam to reveal both the complex heart of agarwood and its verdant foliage, this woody and gourmand perfume is rich with luxurious intensity and sensuality.

A woody and gourmand perfume, Silky Woods Elixir is for true connoisseurs.

Silky Woods Elixir opens in flurry of green aromatics as verdant as the canopy of the agarwood groves where its essence is born. Heightened by the lushness of sun-ripened figs and the earthen verdure of fig leaves, an overdose of the hypnotic essence of Australian-grown agarwood from the world’s oldest rainforest flourishes, intensifying the depth of the composition, and painting it in rich shades of auburn and gold. Prized for centuries for its exquisite quality and rarity, the precious Oud Assafi elevates the Elixir with a lavish woodiness. The animalic and ambery notes from the Oud Assafi combined with the Australian agarwood creates the ultimate luxurious and complex Oud experience on your skin. Against this resounding intensity, iris root lends its soft touch, taming the bitter effect of the fig leaves, with rose lending an exquisite floral dimension to the perfume’s burgeoning heart. As the Elixir deepens, Tolu balsam weaves a rich tapestry, infusing warmth, and complexity into a gourmand base of oud, saffron, musk, and oakmoss.

Committed to showcasing Australia’s world-leading expertise in botanical research and development, Goldfield & Banks has encased this creation in packaging as lavish as the scent it holds. Every French glass bottle is coated in a russet lacquer, in a tribute to the precious Agarwood found deep in the dark and secretive rainforests in Far North Queensland. Reminiscent of the lush tropical flora, this bottle represents the unmatched opulence and richness of perfumes in ancient times.

Concentration: Perfume
All our perfumes have a concentration of +/- 20% essences and are tested under extreme humid weather conditions.

Silky Woods Elixir is cruelty free."