$195.00 USD

Siren & Sailors by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Musky Floral
  • Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet
  • Concentration: 20%

Top Notes:  Bergamot, Peach and Osmanthus

Heart Notes:  Rose Essential LMR, Rum Absolute and Whiskey Accord

Bottom Notes:  Patchouli Oil – Molecular Distillation LMR, Vanilla, Suede and Musk

From Jusbox Perfumes:

A tiny club in Camden Town. Amy Winehouse’s sweet and husky voice enchants even the hardest souls, unveiling the fragility, the strength and the contradictions of a woman and her neighborhood.

Siren & Sailors’ warm and sensual notes go straight to the heart, like the melody of a mermaid. Powerful and contrasting nuances resound like Amy Winehouse’s husky voice among Camden Town canals. Rose Essential LMR and Osmanthus notes convey her most innocent and frivolous side, while the intense heart of Rum absolute and Whiskey accord evoke her strong vocality and her tendency toward unruliness. The sensual Vanilla and Musk dry-downlingersin our memory, like the greatness of a woman who, showing herself as audacious - and fragile at the same time- left a permanent mark on music history. An enchanting composition from master perfumer Julien Rasquinet that pays homage to a sublime voice, to a rebellious soul and to the eccentric and contradictory spirit of the Camden Town neighborhood in London.

Siren & Sailors is a tribute to Amy Winehouse’s warm and scratchy voice, to her fragile yet rebellious soul and to Camden Town’s unique atmosphere.

An unstoppable energy runs through the streets of London’s Camden Town. Explosive enough to be able to turn this neighborhood from a suburban area, where the picturesque canals were used to trade goods, into the core of a cultural and musical revolution, where old distilleries are reborn as rock temples. Camden Town is an unfiltered place, where everyone can freely express his or her own identity, it’s not by chance that Amy Winehouse chose it as her home, for home is where the heart is. Maybe this was because the place is full of contrast? Or perhaps it is since she shared the same rebellious and extraordinary soul? Without a doubt, it was because Camden was her safe harbor, a place where she could express herself, free from any kind of judgment. It was indeed in Camden Town that her unique voice was at its fullest intensity: pure yet insolent, deep and explosive, warm, sensual and intense. Her eclectic mix of soul, rhythm & blues and jazz enchanted and keeps on enchanting Camden Town, conveying all its energy, vibrations and nuances.

As a siren enchanting the sailors, Amy Winehouse’s voice bewitched Camden Town, resounding in its rebellious sensuality among the picturesque canals, once used to trade goods.

The chosen color for Siren & Sailors is the expression of a delicate femininity, whilst also revealing a strong character. The slightly dark nuance evokes its most torn side.

Rose, as well as being the flower symbol of England, universally exudes femininity, ingenuity and sensitivity. Its soft and delicate scent evokes the sweetness of Amy Winehouse’s voice and her capability to show her soul through her enchanting vocals that moved people deeply.

In parallel, Rum and whisky notes are linked to Camden Town’s history, spirits were indeed among the most common goods that were traded through its canals and railway stations, moreover this area was crowded with gin distilleries and whiskey warehouses.

"Sailing and wandering through the colourful canals bewitched by the beauty of her voice."  V-Monkeys, Camden Town 2006”