$180.00 USD

Speakeasy by Frapin

  • Eau de Parfum
  • Made in France

Top Notes: Rum Extract, Indian Davana, Sweet Italian Orange and Fizzy Lime from Brazil

Heart Notes: Cold Russian Mint, Mojito and Egyptian Geranium

Base Notes: Oriental Leather Accord (Ciste), Labdanum, Styrax, Tobacco Accord, Liatris, Everlasting Flower (Immortelle), Tonka Bean and White Musks

From P. Frapin:

"Speak easy: those were the words whispered to clients in illegal bars during the Prohibition… Frapin’s fragrance conjures the film noir allure of an age when danger lurked under the glamour; a tropical bar where Hemingway could have bumped into the characters of To Have and Have Not. Misted glasses, club chairs, smuggled Cuban cigars savored by gentlemen bootleggers under wood ceiling fast churning the damp air… But since today tobacco is a more forbidden pleasure than alcohol, it is this rare olfactive family that the composition belongs.
Refreshed by a mojito accord (rum, mint and lime), this suave blond tobacco is enhanced with the liqueur like richness of immortelle and the hay/almond facets of liatrix and tonka bean.
A smooth oriental leather rubbed with rich amber deepens this tawny palette. As tough as Bogart and as sensuous as Bacall in a black satin sheath."