$170.00 USD

Spring Dance by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Floral, Musky
  • Perfumer: Dominique Ropion
  • Concentration: 20%

Top Notes:  Grapefruit and LMR Tunisian Rosemary

Heart Notes:  Honeysuckle Accord and LMR Jasmine Sambac Absolute

Bottom Notes:  Dry Amber and Musks

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“An interweaving of violins that chase one another in an allegro of pure melodies, unfurling with the awakening of Nature. The beauty of life blossoming in the joyful song of birds, in the waters of streams gurgling with renewed vigour. It is spring.

Spring Dance is an olfactory concert that celebrates life as an expression of beauty and power, in the moment of its inception. Spring Dance is an emotional composition in which the top notes of grapefruit and LMR Tunisian rosemary open to an ensemble of LMR jasmine sambac absolute and honeysuckle, extolling the blossoming of flowers that saturate the air with a fragrance that is both powerful and gentle at its heart. The elegant rhythms of dry amber and musk are the base notes in an olfactory harmony in which wellbeing and balance are the libretto of an extraordinary opera. Spring Dance is an olfactory counterpoint that interweaves the canon of perfumery art with a contemporary and innovative technique. The allegro of the top notes, which are clean, fresh, soft and discreet, is inserted in a structured and very persistent olfactory intrigue.

The concert of Nature in a choral reawakening of its powerful beauty. Long live Life!

Antonio Vivaldi composed ‘La Primavera’, the first concerto in ‘The Four Seasons’, in 1730. He entrusted the lightness of the strings and the voice of the violin with recreating the excitement of life reborn, the vital spirit that animates all things. The evening breeze lulls the shepherd to sleep, so that he lies serene and dormant beside his faithful dog. Dreaming. The final movement is the triumph of a dance in tribute to life that prevails over death. All the instruments play a joyful hymn in harmonious unison. Spring Dance is a graceful dance, steeped in pure, essential melodies. Nature awakens and reveals itself majestically: a sensation of joy, happiness and pleasant lightness nourishes body and soul. The beauty of the life force embodied by each element of Nature can be perceived in the chords and accents of the violins and strings. Spring Dance is inner peace, an elegance removed from time and space. Beauty. Purity. Nature.

Every winter is followed by a spring. Dreaming by reawakening. And so Nature proves powerful in its joyful dance: an extraordinary sensation of joie de vivre that triumphs over death.

The chromatic sign that identifies Spring Dance is the life that is born and that develops in every moment. It is the energy of Nature reborn, its beauty and its power.

The master perfumer Dominique Ropion celebrates momentum with a fresh and sparkling overture of grapefruit and LMR Tunisian rosemary. A gentle breeze stirs the immaculate rustic atmosphere. The vibrato of LMR jasmine sambac absolute blends with the vivace of honeysuckle to embody the explosion of flowers that bloom and saturate the air with renewed energy, animating the inebriating heart of the fragrance. Melodies of dry amber and musk are the base notes that mark the tempo of an olfactory harmony, in which the accents and high-pitched notes are a choral expression of beauty and Nature.

"I can’t The lights go out and a triumph of strings opens majestically. Eyes close and the distinct, dulcet tones lead us into the open countryside. A flurry of colourful flowers fill the eyes and air. Butterflies, birds and bees twist and turn joyfully in an endless dance.”"

V-Monkeys, 1980”"