$330.00 USD

Suit of Lights by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Extrait de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Musky
  • Perfumer: Julien Rasquinet
  • Concentration: 30%

Top Notes:  Tangerine Oil, Violet Leaves and Honeysuckle

Heart Notes:  Orange Blossom Absolute LMR, Jasmine Sambac Absolute LMR, Freesia and Geranium

Bottom Notes:  Cedar Wood, Sandalwood and Musk

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“The bull's eye lights up on the stage of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. A microphone and a black hat resting on the floor set the scene for the perfect choreography. A black sequined jacket, shiny stockings, magic shoes and a white rhinestone-studded glove on her left hand dazzle the audience. The audience is catapulted into a universal emotional explosion as the King of Pop begins to walk on the moon. The moment consecrates the artist, the genius, and gives music a piece of its own history. Long live the King.

The absence of gravity in a dance step, the emotion is all in a rhythm suspended in time. The perfect synchrony of the movement of the body and the rhythm of the soul. The innocence of music blends with the emotional chaos of the almost adrenalin-fuelled happiness of dancing. Master perfumer Julien Rasquinet interprets the modernism of these sounds in a legendary extrait de parfum. The funky olfactory notes of mandarin oil and violet leaves meet the balsamic soul of honeysuckle. It is the woods of sandalwood and cedar in a combination of musks that set the scene for the perfect choreography created by the heart notes of orange absolute and LMR sambac jasmine. Suit of Lights is a tribute to innocence and harmony in perfect synchronicity, absolute purity. Lights. Curtain.

An artist who broke down socio-cultural barriers by transporting the rhythm of funk and soul to an audience not yet introduced to the sounds and vibrations of black music. An extraordinary performer, always innovative, an absolute of music, dance, storytelling and image. Myth.

The 1960s: the United States, land of endless possibilities, struggles to accept that society is changing. Women are asking for much more than a house and a dishwasher – they want respect and the ability to show themselves, without reservation, in all their nature. In this patriarchal world dominated by white men, a woman makes her sublime voice heard above everyone else. The roots of her sound derive from gospel music and her feminine and elegant figure reveals a strong voice that is able to enchant, to fascinate and to move each and every soul. Aretha Franklin becomes the expression of a new chant in the Afro-American panorama: shaking off the melancholic vein of blues and moving beyond jazz boundaries, she gives life to a rebellious, vibrant and energetic music which is founded on exclamation and affirmation. Her theatrical vibrato, her inimitable voice, her endless ability lead her to outstanding success. She becomes the pride of ethnic minorities everywhere thanks to her interpretation of the song Respect by Otis Redding – a hymn for feminism and the civil rights movement. Aretha Franklin was a pioneer amongst women, achieving many goals and receiving important awards; with her unique talent and her emotional charge she reigns as the queen of soul, a beacon for every revolutionary spirit.

Diamonds light up the diamond. It is the look created by costume designer Bill Whitten for the Victory Tour that has become iconic, drawing gestures and steps with its trail of light that etches the legendary performance of the album Thriller into history...

The most precious stone capable of reflecting the infinite shades of light. Its raw genesis is transformed into crystalline refraction. A powerful iridescence envelops the Suit of Lights bottle, expressing its charm, beauty, eclecticism and richness. The cap is embellished with a Swarovski crystal. Absolute purity.

The interpretation of the fragrance is entrusted to notes of extreme purity and absolute quality in which the olfactory representation is also colour-coded. The absolute accords that give shape to this extraordinary extrait de parfum have been selected in relation to the colour that identifies them. Thus the funky-soul rhythm is entrusted to the intense accord of mandarin and violet leaves and honeysuckle, in a rhythm & blues of original shades of yellow and shades of purple and green. In the heart, the warm orange tones of orange and jasmine sambac absolutes meet freesia and geranium dancing the groove of magenta harmonics. Cedar and sandalwood with musks are the stage of the show, where the chromatic riff is an imagery of reds and blues. Olfactory Iridescence.

'Transparency is transformed into an infinity of unexpected colours: the diamond is surprising, pure, the most precious of jewels. No one can defy its brilliance, it is unreachable and immortal, like the myth of a king!'

V-Monkeys, forever seduced by its light!”